One Day Justice Delivered (2019) HDTvRip [1080p-720p] Hindi x264 AAC

One Day Justice Delivered 2019

One Day Justice Delivered 2019

One Day Justice Delivered 2019: A Crime Branch Special Officer Investigates the Serial disappearance of high profile individuals in a state capital.


Language – Hindi




One Day Justice Delivered 2019 Plot

Retired judge Tyagi Anupam Kher is living a post retirement life with his family in Ranchi. One day after the marriage of his daughter, two high profile doctors, Dr. Ajay Murli Sharma and Dr. Reena Deepshikha go missing. The investigating officer of this case inspector Sharma Kumud Mishra is unable to find any clue . While this case is not solved yet, another rich hotelier Pankaj Singh Rajesh Sharma also goes missing while he was returning from Kolkata.One Day Justice Delivered 2019

As Sharma is unable to solve the case and due to excessive pressure from the politicians and media ,these cases are handed over to crime branch officer Rathi Esha Gupta. Two more people become missing , dilabar who works for MP Rawat Zakir Hussain and one mechanic Afsal. After some case studies and investigation police find out that these persons are linked all together. Atzal planted a bomb in a vegetable market on the instructions of dilabar.One Day Justice Delivered 2019

The money was given by Pankaj Singh on the charity front. One eye witness Abdul was alive and minority party leader made an issue. As it was difficult to stop him Dr Ajay and Dr Reena who were treating Abdul were bribed so that they can kill Abdul in a such a way that it look natural. In Pankaj Singh hotel a honeymoon couple’s MMS was leaked to humiliate his family as he was the son of that Muslim leader which ultimately cause the death of his daughter-in-law.One Day Justice Delivered 2019

MP Rawat was behind all of these. Rathi ordered to keep an eye on Rawat as he may now can go missing and as all of them were given bail by Justice Tyagi he too may be under threat so Rathi ordered for his security too. Next Rawat goes missing and it is revealed that Sharma was helping in kidnapping of all these people. Actual Mastermind was revealed to be Justice Tyagi.One Day Justice Delivered 2019

He says that he has to give them bail as no evidences were found against them but he knew all of them were wrong-doers. He also says that he didn’t kill any one , he just wanted their confession. Rathi said that he knew that they were behind these from some clues. While Tyagi and Sharma were leaving, Rathi killed those including Rawat. The media said that dead bodies of these people were found while police said that investigation is still on.One Day Justice Delivered 2019

Devesh Sharma reviewing for Filmfare rates the film with 2.5/5 stars. He praised performance of Kher and felt that the chief flaw of the film was in the writing as characters were not shaped as per ambience of the film. He wrote, “Vigilante justice films have to have the right mix of mayhem and violence. Director Ashok Nanda hasn’t been able to offer the right balance and as a result, the film fails to make the kind of impact it was aiming for…”[13]

Shubhra Gupta of The Indian Express gave .5/5 star and felt the execution of film was ‘ham-fisted’ from opening to closing frame and audience were left reeling. She opined that Esha Gupta’s portrayal as a tough crime branch officer took away the ‘credibility of the film’ whatever it had.[14]

Archika Khurana of The Times of India gave the film 2.5/5 stars, praising the performance of Kher and Mishra, she felt that direction was ‘sloppy and disjointed’. Khurana termed it as “half-hearted tale of justice” and wrote that “the film which started as a good vigilante thriller, soon reduced to an average affair.”[15]


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